Java and Debian packaging

Debian packaging is something that is both simple and elegant, and hard to get into. There is a huge amount of information about it available online, a lot of it on Debian's own wiki. Ubuntu, being a Debian derivative, also uses Debian packaging. Their Launchpad website offers automatic building of packages, and providing a so called PPA, which is a personal Apt repository. So, Debian provides the techniques, and Ubuntu provides an easy platform to host packages....

August 28, 2013 · 9 min
Amazon Glacier

Amazon Glacier and glaciercmd

I'm pretty sure that everyone who even reads this blog is familiar with Amazon Web Services. If not, here's the rundown. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a HUGE web platform created and managed by Amazon. The biggest point of this platform is that anyone can make an account (provided you have a credit card), and can start using it immediately. If you use only a little bit of resources, you pay a small fee, if you use a lot, you pay a lot....

August 25, 2012 · 5 min