Deploying cloud images on Promox using proxmox-deploy

One of the main features that Proxmox VE is missing right now, is support for deploying cloud images and configuring them using cloud-init. After having experienced how Amazon AWS and OpenStack handle the deployment of VM's, having to install all VM's manually is something I don't like doing anymore. Luckily, there is a method to achieve the same results on Proxmox (or any other virtualization for that matter). I have created a tool for deploying a cloud image on Proxmox, and the ability to customize it using cloud-init....

January 2, 2016 · 4 min
K&R The C Programming Language

Experimenting with C and a dive into UNIX

So I've just returned from a week long vacation to sunny Kos Island in Greece. As I lay beside the swimming pools of the resort I was staying, I found that I had loaded two particular books onto my Kindle. These books were “ The C Programming Language” by Kernigan and Ritchie, and “ Advanced Programming in the UNIX environment” by Stevens and Rago. As a long time Linux user and programmer, I have always been intrigued by the C programming language....

September 7, 2014 · 6 min